Ok Y’all. I know the saying is dogs are man’s best friend, but I have to contest…I’m sure they meant wine is man’s best friend! I mean…I love my furry animals, but, boy oh boy do I love my wine! Actually, I love both; my furry baby Daisy and my wine. Red wine, white wine, sparkling wine, dry wine, all wines! I mean the first miracle recorded in the greatest book of all times (The Holy Bible) entailed turning water into wine, so I’m sure I’m supposed to have some! So the next time you want to host a gathering, how about a wine tasting? Wine tastings can be intimate or as extravagant as your version of the Oscar’s. It all just depends on your style and the type of event you want to host. So today, I’m going to share a few tips on hosting an amazing wine tasting for a small or large party.

Self Serve or Be Served? Do you prefer your guests pour the wine themselves or would you like a wine tasting company to serve?  Some believe a wine tasting company may be too expensive. However, there are many wine tasting companies that hosts events for free. They just kindly ask that you promote the purchase of their wine at your event.  If you just want to hang out with your friends, having self-serving stations are a great way to mingle in a casual and relaxed environment. It all just depends on the type of event you are hosting.

Pick Out a Few Different Types of Wines. Choose three to five wines to taste, and pair them with the recommended foods. Have fun with this…try something different than your usual picks so you can really enjoy the experience of a wine tasting. Examples of wines to choose are merlot, rosé, cabernet, sangria, etc. Just google the web for information on different types of wines. If you are like me, and you have to touch, smell, and see. You may want to take that trip to the grocery store…I know I said it. Buy something that’s not online! OK, sometimes you have to try before you buy! Many grocery store have a wine section and actually offer tastings. If the web just isn’t working for you, don’t be ashamed to try before you buy. I do it all the time.

Add Fresh Herbs & Flowers. Be whimsical. Pick up a few bundles of fresh florals and herbs such as rosemary at your local grocery. Use your favorite paper from the craft store and create a beautiful menu, pairing the recommended wines and foods. Attach the fresh herb to the menu, and you just created a lovely affair. Use what you have. Upcycle empty wine bottles, mason jars, or glass bottles as vases to create beautiful floral arrangements.

Butcher Block Paper. Black butcher block paper is the new must have in entertainment! Write on the paper with chalk to list the various wines, foods, or notes and instantly create a European vibe.  The paper also serves double duty as a disposable tray and a beautiful runner on your table.

Turn on the lights. Scatter various candles through out the tables to turn on what I call the Jackie-O vibe. (I just love her classic style). Use battery operated or regular candles to create tranquility. LED lights are my new best friend and can be used throughout the décor to turn your event up a notch.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and you can use a few of my tips the next time you host a wine tasting.


Patrice Morié