Raise your hand if you want to look older than your years? When you were twenty, and you wrote out your aspirations, life wishes, and goals, did you include sagging skin, sun damage, and extra wrinkles on your dream board? I’m pretty sure the answer was no! And if it was not, I can refer you to some amazing therapists :-). No one wants to age badly. We’ll take the positives of aging like a higher maturity level, wisdom, and success, but we don’t want to look older nor feel older. When we run into our high school, college, or buddies from your younger years, we definitely do not want them to ask, “Gee, wiz. What happened to him” (or her). We want them to say, “Oh, wow. You look great. You haven’t aged a bit. What’s your secret!” Today, I want to share with you three prerequisites to having flawless, and age-proof skin.   They are not written in any particular order, but if you master these, you will be on your way to the fountain of youth and a little slice of heaven on earth.

WATER. I wish I could make water sound sexy or give you a drum roll, but the bottom line is, your body is made up of a majority of water. How much water do you drink a day? The average person puts more chemicals in their body with their choice of food and drink consumptions than the smog produced by your own vehicles! (I’m sure you are gasping, and rightfully so!) So much water are you drinking a day? Are you raising your children to drink water? The old cliché one size fits all does not work anymore. Experts once instructed us to drink eight servings of eight ounces of water a day (64 oz). Well, that has changed. Now experts suggest we drink between .5 to 1 ounce for every pound we weigh. For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, you should drink between 75 to 150 ounces of water through out the day. (Not at one time). Water is one of the single most important elements to help your body run more efficiently. Water encourages a healthy filtration system for your kidneys, increases your metabolism, and helps eliminate cellular waste. Well, you are saying, what does water have to do with my skin or aging process? And my answer is EVERYTHING. It starts with water. So before you pay hundreds or thousands of dollars on chemical peels or products for skin care, start with water.

CLEAN COLON.  I know you are probably thinking, why in the world would a lady want to discuss the cleaning colon process. And my answer is simple. You must have regular bowel movements a day if you want to enter into the real fountain of youth. Healthy skin and anti aging starts with a clean digestive system and regular and “healthy” bowel movements DAILY. As a parent with children with allergies and eczema, the moment I began to treat their digestive system, the moment the inflammation in their skin went away. Sure, I could call a doctor and get a prescription steroid cream to eliminate the eczema on their skin, but the moment I stop putting that cream on their skin, the eczema flared back up. If you suffer from blemishes that become toxic and scar on your face, you may want to visit an allergist to see what is triggering your break outs.  Ask yourself, “Do I have a bowel movement after every meal like an infant child?” And if the answer is no, you should really consider what foods you are eating and how much water your drinking.

MOVEMENT: I was going to use the evil word EXCERICSE, but I wanted you to finish reading this article so I said movement instead! Ha. You have to move your body. I know you heard just thirty minutes a day, may keep the doctors away. Well, in reality, we really do need to move more. I mean I knew I had a problem with exercise when my son Solomon was about four years old. I was playing and running around with him in the house (which I know you are not supposed to run in the house), and after about a full minute of running at less than 2 miles per hour, I was exhausted. And then I stopped moving, but I had certain body parts that kept going! I don’t believe my arms or thighs were supposed to keep moving. Bottom line, I was not moving. That prompted me to begin training and running regularly. But you don’t have to run. Just walk. Experts suggest we should walk about three to five miles a day. I mean we live in Towne Lake. The view is amazing and the walking trails are outstanding. In summary, what does movement have to do with my skin or antiaging? And you already should know I am going to say EVERYTHING. We have to move so our body can eliminate waste, which eliminates toxins, which begins the journey to healthy skin and antiaging. 

Source for my article: https://health.gov/dietaryguidelines/ and  http://www.webmd.com