About Us

PD-095Morié Design is a fusion of interior design, beauty, and fashion, incorporating a 360 degree service that brings to light the best features in our client’s home or business. We are designers with a passion to make every client’s space look and feel its absolute best, providing an everyday staycation experience. Morié Design prides itself on the fact that you don’t have to go away to get away, but it starts at home.

Our design inspiration comes from a global and holistic appreciation of the arts, architecture, color theory, and fashion making us a one stop shop for all things interior design. Not only do we study the bone structure of your space, but we assist our clients in identifying the emotions and moods that they want to embrace in the redesigned project. Our founder Patrice Morié believes that every space is beautiful, it just has to be realized. Allow us to take your space from potential to reality today; from a house to a home or from a regular business to an entrepreneur’s paradise. You are just that worth it!


Our Packages

Our client base ranges from college students, and singles parents, to business owners and executives. We have something for everybody.

DIY Consultation: This is design planning only. Morié will provide a detailed design plan and provide recommendations to the client. The client will install and or decorate their home or business design plan themselves.

Nip and Tuck: The Nip and tuck procedure are for minor upgrades that make a huge impact. This package includes one or more of the following: paint and color selections for walls and cabinets, light fixtures, and room and space planning.  May include but not limited to wall paper, crown molding, custom molding designs, ceiling redesigns, and installation, repainting existing furniture, and or reuphostering existing furniture. The Nip and Tuck requires no structural changes or wall removal. All changes are cosmetic in nature.

Facelift: Our Facelift package includes all items in the Nip and Tuck and minor demolition such as wall removal, cabinet resurfacing or replacement, and installation of flooring, windows, doors, counter tops, sinks, and cabinets. There are no structural changes.

Total Makeover: This is a full gut to a room where nothing is saved, stripping the room bare. A full and new design takes place. This may include , electrical, plumbing, permits, and civil engineering and/or all structural changes.

If you purchase a package containing the redesign of two or more rooms, your initial consultation fee is waived, and all furniture, fixtures, lighting and accessories will qualify for trade pricing.

A La Carte Items 

  • Initial Consultation
  • Color Consultation
  • Design Consultation & Services
  • Project Management
  • New Home Consultations
    • Helping homeowner select countertops, flooring, fixtures, etc at design center
    • Advising homeowner on items to procure during the building process or items to be procured after close
    • Being present during the home inspection
  • Realtor Services
    • Provide listing consultations with real estate agents and homeowners before or after homes are put on the market for sale or lease
    • Staging properties for sale