Meet the Davis Family, the First Family of Fashion & the First Family of Morié Design


Dyron and Patrice Davis have two daughters, Nia and Tori, and sons, Solomon and Dyron, Jr. – deceased. The Davis family, along with their fur-baby, Daisy, live in Cypress, TX.

In the Beginning

Before there was Morié Design, LLC there was Team Dyron and Patrice. Before having the practical knowledge of owning any type of business, were a young girl and a young boy who worked hourly jobs, some times more than one at a time, wishing and hoping that their current circumstances would improve. Patrice took the American dream route. She went to college, earned a degree. Went back to school, earned multiple certifications. Went back to school again, and earned her MBA. During her journey in corporate America, she traveled the world in multiple capacities and was mentored and developed by top executives, directors, and vice presidents in fortune fifty organizations globally.  Patrice did not know at the time she would own or operate an interior design firm or import hair from a Paris Fashion Week supplier. She poured her heart and soul in the procurement and management of purchasing and logistics departments and people, helping organizations minimize risk and execute projects. Patrice understood that relationships were key to her success, working for the most talented and advanced project managers and engineers in the world. Patrice had the ultimate career, and at highest point of her success, she was a Director working directly for the COO.  Dyron was a young man who was the son of a pastor and an anointed woman of God. Dyron had the most amazing upbringing, making him the perfect son, gentleman, worker, and friend. Dyron took the route of jumping directly in the job market, working extremely hard while being kind and generous to everyone, no matter their position. Before you knew it, he was at the top of his career, also working for a fortune fifty company as a sales advisor.  With real life experiences and incomprehensible gains and losses, the legendary Team Dyron and Patrice was born.

 Through the Valley

Morié Design did not start off in a perfect peaches and cream environment. Sacrifices had to be made, priorities had to be set, self reflection was a common theme, imperfections had to be addressed and accepted, and self improvement had to channelled, ultimately developing personal and spiritual growth. Through life’s journey, both Dyron and Patrice knew that the universe had something bigger in store for them, more than they would have chosen for themselves. Dyron and Patrice were tasked to help people make money to change their financial future, support non profits to execute their missions, and leave a legacy for their children and families. By faith, a clear vision, and belief in each other, they started their complimentary companies and Morié Design.

Love Conquers All

After the loss of her son DJ, Patrice suffered from tremendous grief that was only lifted by prayer, support from family, and her belief that God had a plan for her. Instead of allowing the death of her eldest son to break her,  Patrice traded her tears for her passion in design, and used her creative spirit to encourage and empower others.  Patrice believes that if she can help another person increase their self esteem, she can help them enjoy a higher quality of life.  Patrice is a certified make up artist, and when she is not designing homes, she is helping others feel more beautiful about who they are by encouraging healthy skin care, anti-aging, and natural beauty from the inside out through nutrition, make up, and hair.  She is known as the “only designer where your place looks just as good as your face.”  Recently she was featured as a make up artist in the I am Fashion Designer launch in Dallas, TX, and  was awarded the make up job for the entire cast for the Houston theatrical production “Games People Play”, scheduled November 5, 2016.


The Davis family loves sports–including track, softball, and baseball, serving in their church, Anointed FaithFamily Church (AFFC), as a Deacon and Children’s Church worker, and spending quality time with their families and friends.  When they are not at church or at the kid’s activities, they are more than likely renovating or decorating houses, teaching others how to shop online to earn cash back, or working with entrepreneurs to help them earn an extra six figure residual income. Patrice claims there is nothing like a little bit of peace and quiet after taxiing from event to event for six, and sometimes seven days a week all while maintaining thriving businesses.

Patrice and Dyron regularly provide a gathering place for the Seniors on the Move Group from Anointed Faith Family Church to come and enjoy food, fellowship, and fun. The Davis’ truly enjoy working with our elders and feel so blessed and honored that they can spend quality time with the pillars of our current generation.


  • The Morié Design, LLC business was registered as a corporation on her eldest son’s birthday, October 25, twelve years after he passed. The Book of Genesis states there were 12 sons of Jacob and those 12 sons formed the 12 tribes of Israel. The New Testament tells us that Jesus had 12 disciples.  According to Bible scholars, 12 is the product of 3, which signifies the divine, and 4, which signifies the earthly.
  •  Patrice Davis’ maiden name is Davis, so when she married her high school sweet heart, the worlds greatest dad, and her beau Dyron Davis, she did not have to change her name.
  • Both her daughter’s middle names are Morié.