I Am HEr: Patrice Morié will connect the real-life desires of everyday people who want to infuse fashion, beauty, entertainment, family, lifestyle, and function in their existing space. 

The initial series will have 12 episodes that will appeal to every type of woman…hence the name “I AM Her”. The mother, the daughter, the sister, the career woman, the wife, the friend, the overcomer, entrepreneur, the breadwinner, stay at home mom, and anyone life positions her to be because I. AM. HEr! Patrice is all those things and more…The content and show will represent all types of viewers, not just women. Prior to becoming a designer and lifestyle coach, Patrice traveled the world for nearly eight years as a global supply chain and logistics professional. She continue to educate her peers and community in logistics and supply chain principles as an Adjunct Professor because Patrice believes in the power of having the right information, at the right time, at the right place and at the right price.  Patrice will share herdesign tips and inspiration from a place of truth, experience, passion, and art from her perspective and vast experience. Her design style is unique.  The show will emphasize the importance of inclusion and having great style for everyone’s budget. Patrice will glam up spaces, increase the appearance of square footage and assist you in providing more function in your current space. She will incorporate her style of fashion, organic, with hints of runway to infuse pops of welcomed and unexpected surprises in each project… Patrice will show home owners, renters, dreamers, students, and any person in between how to work with what they have by incorporating textures, layering materials, and colors that evoke their happy place. I AM HEr will show everyday people how to transform their house into a home or a business into an entrepreneur’s paradise. Patrice will address the needs of great interior design, entertainment, and fashion tips that are currently not being addressed in the Houston and Southern markets for the urban, millennial, seasoned, and fashion enthusiasts.